Club Dry Bar - White 1800mm

Product Code: 40025
Weight: 38.00kg
Dimensions L x W x H: 1,800.00mm x 600.00mm x 1,100.00mm
Call for Price: 07 32652246

The Club Dry Bar is strong stable and oh so stylish. It comes with a brushed stainless frame and either Black or White high gloss top. Designed to bring style and elegance to any venue, and with a choice of white or black 1800mm lengths it is a must have item.

Model 40025          
      Carton (2pcs)      
Unit     Carton 1 (top)   Carton 2 (base)  
Shape Rectangular   Quantity 1 Quantity 1
Length 1800mm   Length 1800mm Length 1800mm
Width 600mm   Width 600mm Width 1100mm
Height 1100mm   Depth 65mm Depth 65mm
Weight 38kg   Weight 19kg Weight 20kg
Stacking Height N/A
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